Dark Tourist

A journalist from New Zealand, David Farrier, spends a year investigating dark tourism for this Netflix Original Series.

“This show travels to some truly extraordinary places – places I’ve never seen on TV before. And while the show focuses on places associated with the odd and macabre, the people that have sprung up out of those places are vibrant and interesting.” says Farrier.

A former entertainment reporter, and co-director of the documentary Tickled; this series continues his interest in the unusual part of life.

“I think everyone is a little afraid of death, even if they don’t admit it, so Dark Tourism is a way to take a cheeky peek at death. But, like, not too close. At a safe distance.” Farrier adds.

The eight part series was Executive Produced by Carthew Neal, Mark McNeill and David Farrier through New Zealand productions companies Fumes and Razor Films. It is directed by Colin Rothbart and Justin Hawkes.