Super City

Madeleine Sami transforms into outrageous characters living in one city. Two seasons directed by Taika Waititi and Oscar Kightley.

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“This is actually really hilarious, I want a 30 minute episode – stat.”


Aroha Bridge

An animated snapshot of the multicultural melting pot that is Aotearoa. Focusing on authentic, urban Maori characters with humour and style, this cartoon follows Kowhai and Monty Hook as they navigate the complex but hilarious circumstances growing up in a bicultural, eclectic family.

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WA$TED! is a well balanced and thoroughly useful show, which makes the rare contribution to the global warming debate of being empowering rather than simply shaming.

-Jane Clifton, Dominion Post


A popular factual series that proves you don’t have to be extreme to be green; taking your average household of eco horrors and turning it into a clean green haven, saving serious cash in the process.

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