Super City

Super City is a comedy series starring Madeleine Sami as multiple characters living in one city. Season two is directed by comedy heavyweight, Oscar Kightley (Bro Town and Sione’s Wedding) and airs Fridays 10pm TV3 in NZ. Find out more here.

Super City is being adapted by ABC Studios for US audiences. More information on Deadline.

Madeleine Sami was awarded Best Actress at 2011 AFTA awards. Madeleine Sami & Thomas Sainsbury were awarded Best Comedy Script at 2011 SWANZ awards. The series was finalist for Best Comedy, Best Drama/Comedy Script at 2011 AFTAs.

In season one, Taika Waititi directed Sami as she hilariously transforms into five very different characters all living in our country’s super city. There’s Pasha, an aging cheerleader clinging to her partying lifestyle; Azeem, an immigrant taxi driver embracing Maori culture; Jo, a closeted gym instructor in love with her best friend; Linda, the runt of her “old girls” clique fostering impoverished artists and Georgie, a homeless girl whose freedom is unexpectedly interrupted.

It screened in NZ on TV3 from Feb 2011.  It launched with a 25.8% share on 18-49 year old viewers. Super City is funded by New Zealand On Air and is produced by Super Fumes Limited.

If you’re in NZ watch whole episodes here. If you’re outside NZ watch clips here. / Buy TVshirts and DVDS here.

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